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Name :marlene fearon
Country : United Kingdom
Post time: 2023-02-24 22:33:59

Question : marlene fearon-Q_9

Hello, can I buy Gluco trans please?

Answer :

Dear Marlene Fearon,

Yes, Gluco Trans is still available. Please check your email. We shall send you the details. Thank you!

Country : Spain
Post time: 2022-12-27 01:20:44

Question : VASILE PARA-Q_3

I want to make the payment with my Visa credit card and your platform does not work. Can you help me with the Visa payment? The other two methods do not interest me.

Answer :

Dear Vasile,

We are very sorry to know that you get problem in Visa credit card payment. Please try to purchase TT in our another website 
Yes, you can pay it by Visa credit card in Thank you!

Country : Spain
Post time: 2022-12-27 00:48:55

Question : VASILE PARA-Q_2

Hello, I am going to make a purchase of Thy-Tune (Thyroid Throu) destined for Spain. Can you tell me about the time it would take since I make the payment? And if they give me a tracking number? Thank you and best regards !

Answer :

Dear Vasile,

Yes, we shall give you a tracking number after you purchase TT in our online shop. Normally, you will receive the TT parcel in Spain 7-10 days after purchase successfully in our online shop. Please be reminded that you can get 100% of your payment back if you can not receive TT parcel for any reason. Thank you!

Country : Spain
Post time: 2022-12-08 04:08:39

Question : VASILE PARA-Q_1

Hallo , Is there a problem with customs in Germany? (if I put my parents' house as the destination address).How long will it take for the package to arrive to Germany after the payment is made?

Answer :

Dear Vasile Para,

Yes, Germany Custom is strictly controlled import of meds. So please contact our Germany distributor for purchasing TT. Or, you can purchase TT in our online shop and we can send to Spain directly. Thank you!

Name :Travis Cossel
Country : United States
Post time: 2022-09-23 22:01:01

Question : Travis Cossel-Q_5

Hello again. I've been taking PTU now for close to 25 years and I'm wondering if I should ask the doctor to switch me over to methimazole as it's better for your liver? What are you thoughts on this? Thank you!

Answer :

Dear Travis,

Yes, all of the anti thyroid meds will hurt liver. This is why thyroid patients will get high level of ALT and ASL in blood test. However, thyroid patients will find their ALT and AST will lower down to normal range if they are under TT treatment.
The reason is TT is very good for liver. So our suggestion is that you can use PTU or Methimazole. Please do the blood test and have the comparison. Thank you!

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