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Name :Travis Cossel
Country : United States
Post time: 2022-09-23 22:01:01

Question : Travis Cossel-Q_5

Hello again. I've been taking PTU now for close to 25 years and I'm wondering if I should ask the doctor to switch me over to methimazole as it's better for your liver? What are you thoughts on this? Thank you!

Answer :

Dear Travis,

Yes, all of the anti thyroid meds will hurt liver. This is why thyroid patients will get high level of ALT and ASL in blood test. However, thyroid patients will find their ALT and AST will lower down to normal range if they are under TT treatment.
The reason is TT is very good for liver. So our suggestion is that you can use PTU or Methimazole. Please do the blood test and have the comparison. Thank you!

Name :marlene fearon
Country : United Kingdom
Post time: 2022-05-13 18:38:55

Question : marlene fearon-Q_8

Hello, can I take magic juice every day and what does it do exactly?

Answer :

Dear Marlene,

Yes, you can drink magic juice. We suggest the patients taking magic juice if they don’t know how to make the Chinese Soup. Thank you!

Country : Singapore
Post time: 2022-05-06 16:31:06

Question : ZAR KYI KHINE-Q_1

Why can make payment? Why showing the message that The requested URL was not found on this server.

Answer :

Dear Zar Kyi Khine,

Sorry, we shall ask IT to check it again. Please purchase TT in our another website Thank you!

Name :marlene fearon
Country : United Kingdom
Post time: 2022-05-05 18:43:55

Question : marlene fearon-Q_7

Hello, I just wanted to know if I am using the correct website. when I click on a particular item or subject the information is not there. Do you have another website address?

Answer :

Dear Marlene,

We have just check our website is okay. Please pay Green Life with PayPal directly. Our PayPal account is Thank you!

Name :marlene fearon
Country : United Kingdom
Post time: 2022-04-23 19:53:48

Question : marlene fearon-Q_6

Thank you so much for your quick reply. Just one more question before I make purchase - do you have a product for high blood pressure and heart palpitations?

Answer :

Dear Marlene,

Sorry, we have not product for high blood pressure or heart palpitations. Thank you!

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