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About us

About Us

About Us


Green Life Health Center is an integrative modernized company with Research & Development (R&D), sales and distribution for herbal tea. The poisonous side effect of the chemical medicines and enormous sequelae bring endless agony to patients. In recent years, natural herbal tea advocated by many experts all around the world and many researches focus on herbal tea again.


Green Life Health Center unites with experts of Chinese herbalist doctor, who come from different brand name academic research centers, spending over 10 years in researching and we get "Thyroid Throu". It is totally pure natural herbal tea produced in GMP factory that meets strictest scientific and technological pharmacy standard in the world. The product has made with no aseptic, no toxicity and no chemical medicine composition .

The developing of "Thyroid Throu" is based on the idea of “green natrual tea". It is a starting point to bring all green herbal tea for the thyroid supporting, keep away from the harassing and disturbing of chemical medicine, and help them find to find their green life.