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Body Builder is the women's Gift from the God! Glucose Trans is a pair of foot paste. It is suitable for the patients who are unsatisfactory with conventional anti diabetic type 2 therapy (It is not suitable for type 1 Diabetes). Glucose Trans is invented by an old Chinese Professor Zhang Shubin in Beijing after three decades of exploration and sort, sum up the experience of Chinese and Western treatment of diabetes, follow the "people-oriented, nature and man belong to same system". The patients are suitable to use Glucose Trans paste if they are unsatisfactory with conventional anti diabetic therapy. Glucose Trans paste is full of nature of the biological essence (Chinese Herbs), it mobilizes the body's immune function, it opens the energy gateway of human body - Yong Quan Point, significant improving blood and oxygen circulation, restoration of information transmission, the synergy between organs can be reconciled. After the overall function of organs increased, the part does not work in proper way in pancreas will trend to be work in proper way, so the islet insulin secretion will increase and converse sugar to glycogen. Sugar level will achieve the harmony of autonomy, it is the best the key to the treatment of diabetic disease so far!

The huge medical technology breakthrough in treating diabetes disease.

The more GlucoTranz foot patch you use, the less drugs you need and the healthier you are.

Diabetes is a kind of long-term chronic disease that makes everyone fear of it. In particular, type II diabetes will have high blood sugar at the beginning. It will develop to be formal diabetes later. Then, patients start to take diabetes meds, and then need insulin replacement by injection, losing control of blood sugar, a series of complications, diabetes causing blindness, diabetic foot disability, heart and liver kidney failure and so on. It is the development procedures of diabetes. It seems the unchangeable desinity of patients with diabetes.

Modern medication makes the mechanism of Diabetes type II is become more and more clear:

Patients with Type II diabetes can secrete enough insulin, but the main problem is their body can’t detect the existing of insulin or body insensitivity (insulin resistance) to these insulin, that makes blood glucose can not be used by the body cells, causing blood sugar continued stay in blood stream and developing diabetes.

Current diabetes drugs are for "temporary releasing" is divided into three categories:

1. Stop the sugar absorbed into the blood stream (biguanide drugs); the role of med is to inhibit intestinal absorption of sugar in food to achieve the purpose of getting less blood glucose.

2. Stimulation of insulin secretion in pancreatic islet beta cells (sulfonylurea drugs); these drugs stimulate the pancreas to make more insulin to lower down blood glucose.

3. Synthetic insulin injection, such treatment is by injection of insulin into the blood, replace their lack of pancreatic function.

The current diabetes treatment methods are "temporary releasing" and do everything possible to "lower down blood Glucose", but the glucose is not poison to human body, it is the source of energy strength to support the survive of human.

As mentioned above, diabetes patients can secrete insulin in the pancreas itself, but the secretion of insulin receptor can not receive its signal, so that the use of blood glucose can not be digested properly used. It is similar to mobile phone can’t dial to others if there is not phone signal. Human body also need Insulin receptor given neural signal. How to improve the signal connection between pancreas and organs information among nerve conduction? What is the diabetic treatment without side effects?

This issue has been first proposed by the well-known diabetes expert Professor Zhang Shubin 20 years ago. After 20 years of studying, Professor Zhang visiting China, Hong Kong and Japan, Germany, the United States, having more than thousands of clinical test, starting from the foot patch technique, to cooperate with German Max Planck gel paste interface technology medical Institute, U.S. Rohm and Haas technology company, to use infrared matrix powder, high molecular gel, nano-plant pollen (mainly maize pollen enzyme), it successfully developed the epoch-making effective treatment of diabetes topical products ---- "GlucoTranz foot patch".

Landmark diabetes treatment products ---- " GlucoTranz foot patch " making history

Professor Zhang Shubin precisely point out: "The reason why a healthy person can eat and drink without fear of high blood sugar because the sugar transform to energy timely! Type II diabetes whose pancreas can secrete small amount of insulin but the insulin receptor on their body cells can’t combine with insulin to stimulate cells to use blood sugar. This is what we call ‘insulin resistance’ occurs. The reason is there is barrier in nerve connection between pancreas and other organs. So to improve the nerve connection and breakout out transmission barrier, must start from the Yongquan of foot. According to Chinese Traditional Medication (TCM), there is a nerve connect he foot of Yongquan point and pancreas. Yongquan point is critical window of helping people with diabetes. "

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and thousands of years of researches, the foot almost focus all reflect area with human body. Many people have had experience of doing foot massage, the body can be stimulated by nerve conduction in foot that makes comfortable pleasure too.

Since ancient times, foot treatment is proved with great benefit to human health.

<Huang Di Nei Jing> revealed large number of health treatment, many health-care regimen that tricky hiding under the foot. World-famous miracle-working Doctor Hua Tuo, the "Hua Tuo Bi Ji" recommend "Zu xin dao". He believes that many diseases can be solved or improved by massage or stimulate the foot points reflect area.

A literary giant of Song Dynasty, Su Dong Po, is favorite in foot massage in Yongquan point. He said "its not easily to find the effect just by once massage but you will find the great effectiveness if you insist for a hundred days ... ... If following this instruction you will get great benefit."

In past 15 years, after visiting 14 cities hospital in the United States, 46 urban hospitals in China, nursing home in Japan and Germany, more than ten thousands clinical testing, Professor Zhang Shubin announce theories of Glucose Transformation in Germany Diabetes Prevention and Treatment forum in April 2005. It shocked the international medical community.

German Diabetes Association, Ms. Jung said excitedly: "Glucose Transformation therapy will change the traditional method of diabetes treatment, it will bring great benefit to the thousands of patients."

Akio Ikeda, Tokyo University professor commented: "The theory of Glucose Transformation open new area in diabetes prevention and control, it breaks the international problem"

<"Japanese new medical scientist magazine>>" Glucose Transformation therapy is a breakthrough discovery in chronic treatment".

<<Chinese Medicine Endocrinology Journal>> "Glucose Transformation therapy is an outstanding achievements by curing endocrinology disease with stimulating foot acupuncture point".

August 2005 World Diabetes Organizations awarded to Professor Zhang Shubin-based research team Outstanding Research Achievement Award.