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TT-Assistant (tea powder)


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TT-Assistant (tea powder)

A. Purpose:

Some patients with very hard nodule (goiter) or acute symptoms can take TT-assistant for quick releasing. TT-assistant can directly excrete poison materials from thyroid gland or lymph; effectively decrease swelling and keep the patient in a stable condition quickly. It is tailor-made for these patients who have hard nodule (goiter) or acute symptoms in thyroid disease or lymphatic disease. TT-assistant is very gentle. It is suitable for everyone.

B. Ingredient:

Cordyceps sinensis , Chrysanthemum, etc.


C. Packing:

Tea Powder, 160 gram / bottle, 3 bottle a treatment.

1 treatment of TT-assistant is designed for 30 days.

Expire: 6 months after open.


D. Storage:

Must be kept in a cool and dry place.


E. Usage:

1. Take out ~ 4 gram (~ 4 small spoons) TT-assistant from bottle.

2. Pour TT-assistant into glass / cup and add ~50ml of hot water.

3. Mixing and drinking it.

4. Patient needs to drink 4 glass / cup a day.

5. Avoid taking cold food or drinks, white carrots, maize, water melon, pear and green lentil soup after taking the TT-assistant.


 1. No suitable for kids younger than 3 years old and pregnant woman or whose suffering from fever; Avoid drinking iced drinks and food.

 2. The nature of this herbal tea is very mild; Bitter Taste; Suitable.

 3. Patients no need to take it for very long time. Patients will see the minimization in hard nodule from 3 to 6 months.

The small spoons enclosed in packing.

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