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TCM Tips

To understand symptoms

Green Life often said that thyroid hormone is very important in metabolism of human. High level of thyroid hormone will cause hyperthyroidism,  and cause faster metabolism in human body. Low level of thyroid hormone will cause hypothyroidism, and cause slower metabolism in human body. Just imagine your body is a car. If this car has a lot of gasoline, what would happen?

Symptoms and causes of hyperthyroidism
The engine of the car will turn hard and produce a lot of heat. It is the same as hyperthyroidism. The body inside will run very fast and produce a lot of heat, so patients with hyperthyroidism will feel hot easily. The engine is spinning very fast, so patient will feel running heart. The engine will run all the time, so patient  is difficult to sleep and easily to dream at night. The engine run very fast may shaking, so patient easily to have hand shaking. Also, rapid paralysis of the intestines of patients with hyperthyroidism, so the absorption is poor, easy to thin, and easy to diarrhea!

Symptoms and causes of hypothyroidism
Patients with hypothyroidism are just the opposite, producing less calories, all of which are prone to cold. There is less heat generation, so there is no energy to move. Intestinal peristalsis is slow, so it is easy to constipation. Another is that water is easy to accumulate in subcutaneous fat, so it is easy to edema! Some patients with hypothyroidism tell green life, even if they are desperately moving, they can't reduce fat! In fact, they can't reduce fat, but they can't reduce edema. This is the balance of endocrine hormones, not exercise can be reduced!