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About us


Company Culture

The culture of Green Life is very simple GREEN, means Green, Reliable, Effective, Enthusiastic and Natural. We hope every patients and Green Life partners will deeply feel the culture of Green Life.



Green Life company, clinic, factory and related material should be green and protecting environment. We have only one Earth.



Every Green Life should be honest. It is the most important thing among the herbalist under Traditional Chinese Medication. It is the reason why patients believe Green Life is reliable!



Green Life product is very effective. Most of patients will see the significant just within 1st treatment of Green Life product.



Green Life staff should be enthusiastic. We hope every patients will feel the Green Life sincerity service with true heart.



Green Life’s products should be natural without Chemical and Western Meds additives.



Thyroid Disease is very tough disease. Green Life sincerely appeal the patients to share your experient with other patients around you after you see the great improvement with Thyroid Throu treatment. It will change other patient's whole life!